PRDW was formed in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa and provides services exclusively in the specialist areas of port and coastal engineering. PRDW has expanded over the years and presently operates as an international group, working in several territories, with offices in:

Cape Town  South Africa, Santiago Chile, Perth Australia, Seattle USA, Vitoria Brazil and Maputo Mozambique.

PRDW offers a broad range of capabilities relevant to port and coastal engineering projects from initial preliminary investigations and specialist studies, through the detailed design and supervision of construction. Collectively the group provides a wealth of experience in port and coastal engineering with over 1,600 man-years of experience amongst its 130 plus technical staff.

The directors and senior personnel have devoted their professional careers to the pursuit of excellence in the field of maritime civil engineering and are recognised internationally as specialists in this field, reflected in the number of awards received over the years. All directors / partners participate actively as engineers and each project is a direct responsibility of every one of them.